From  serene lakes in the valleys to the turquoise and emerald ones at high heights in Ladakh encompassed by elevated Himalayan pinnacles and from the striking Mughal Garden that were intended to be portrayal of the Charbagh in Jannat (paradise) to the pleasant valleys in Pahalgam, Kashmir Glory Travels Best Kashmir Tour Operator and Travel Agent In Srinagar offers everything that a tourist can aspire from a Kashmir holiday package .

Kashmir Tour Operator in Srinagar, Kashmir Glory Travels offers your fully customized  Ladakh and  Kashmir Holiday Packages from Srinagar, Jammu, Ladakh, Delhi Gujraat, Mumbai and other parts of India and abroad as well.

There are lots of tourists visiting Kashmir freshers, Lovers, Families, adventurers and Kashmir Glory Travels have got it all sorted out as per the requirement of the tourist visiting this heaven on earth, in Kashmir Glory Travels Kashmir Holiday Tour Packages Operator In Srinagar.

For the adventure lovers there is skiing, golf, trekking and gondola ride in Gulmarg. For those searching for quietness and segregation, there’s Betaab Valley and Aru Village in Pahalgam and in addition in excess of 20 lakes and brilliant perspectives of Himalayas in addition to open doors for calculating and angling in Lidder River.

The brilliant triangle of  Kashmir Glory Travels, Kashmir Holiday Tour & Travel Agents includes Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Srinagar however  what tops off an already good thing is given by spending a day or two in Sonamarg. With its lavish knolls, elevated backwoods, murmuring water streams and supreme appeal and peacefulness, Sonamarg is a hot most loved among those searching for special night in Kashmir.

For the searchers of excite, two of the famous spots for enterprise and fun in snow are Patnitop and Nathatop in Uddhampur region of Jammu. Paragliding exercises are likewise accessible here for Nathatop and Sanasar. And after that there’s something else entirely to holidays in Kashmir for the pilgrims who throng Jammu and Kashmir to pay respect to Maa Vaishno Devi and other essential religious altars like Baba Amarnath, Shankaracharaya  and Hazratbal Mosque.

Kashmir Tour Packages

Our Kashmir holiday packages are of natural wonders and divine blessings. The Great Himalayan Range separates Kashmir from Ladakh, and the Pir Panjal Range separates it from the northern plains. The beauty and the cultural heritage of the northernmost state are incredible.

The magnanimity of the valley of Kashmir is enchanting. Kashmir is a paradise on earth regarded as an ideal honeymoon destination. On this domestic tour, you will come across plenty of lakes, rivers and meadows. The valleys, mountains, gardens and snow will be an essential part of your Kashmir holiday Package.

Kashmir has earned the title of ‘Switzerland of East’ because of the snowy vistas of Gulmarg and beautiful lakes of Srinagar. Gulmarg is famous for its skiing resorts.

Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar is a Mughal Garden that offers a secluded environment to spend some quality time amidst mountains. The pleasant weather, fantastic scenery, and stunning sunset make the most of your Kashmir tour package.

Kashmir is undoubtedly one of the prettiest parts of the world. People from around the globe come here to enjoy the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Kashmir. Be it the soaring snow sheathed peaks or the wonderfully alluring natural spaces; the region has a lot to offer. Also, the flowers and the tranquil trails of the area are worth exploring. Today, various online travel portals provide a range of Kashmir tour packages.


Leh Ladakh Tour Packages

Ladakh implies a place that is known for passes. Seen from high over its surface, Ladakh shows up a huge dullness of three hues: the darker of the earth, the white of the snow and the blck dim shadows in the valleys. Leh, 434 km from Srinagar and at a tallness of 3521 meters on the Karakoram run is the locale base camp of Ladakh.

Ladakh’s initial history is woven into its folklore. The immense Chinese vagabond Fa-Hien voyaged its folds as far back as 399 AD. Ladakh is prestigious for its Buddhist cloisters which are dabbed everywhere throughout the inadequately populated farmland, each luxuriously designed with artworks and basically a storage facility of old religious compositions.

Ladakh Holiday Tours

A visit to leh will give you an understanding to the way of life and customs. The general population of Ladakh are for the most part Tibetan Buddhists of Aryan plunge or Shia Muslims. Local people are known for their kind and liberal nature.

They are extremely affable and for the most part live in little settlements and have an exceptionally basic way of life, The clothing and gems are extremely wonderful and they are pleased to keep their rich culture in place. Take a stab at going to Ladakh amid their noticeable celebrations like Thiksey, Karsha, Spituk Gustor and the Hemis Festival and get yourself overwhelmed in their move, show, drums and singing. You will savor the way of life here.

On the off chance that you adore outdoors and experience, Ladakh is the ideal place for you. Outdoors in Ladakh isn’t at all expensive and will without a doubt love this excite here. Appreciate the roaming way of life here. The outdoors accessible in Leh Ladakh obliges spending plan and additionally the extravagance voyagers.

Try not to leave Ladakh without investigating the goes here. There are high elevation goes here like the Khardung La (5359 m), Chang La (5360 m) which will call you towards itself. You will feel a surge of adrenaline without a doubt. Then again you will discover finish peace in the Buddhist cloisters here.

Book a Leh Ladakh visit bundle and enjoy a reprieve from the day by day ordinary life. As the quantity of lodgings in Leh ladakh are constrained and the quantity of carriers traveling to the zone is likewise restricted, it is prudent to book leh ladakh bundle with air tickets ahead of time.

Places to visit during a Ladakh holiday tour


Built in the sixteenth century by Singay Namgiyal, the castle stands like a sentinel sitting above the town. Inside there are old divider canvases portraying the life of the Buddha.


Soaring over the valley-banks, the religious community rules both the castle and the town, showing in a way the matchless quality of the profound ruler. The religious community houses a guilded statue of the Buddha, painted parchment, old compositions and divider works of art.


Built by Deldan Namgyal in the mid-seventeenth century AD, a tribute to his Muslim mother, the Leh mosque is a perfect work of Turko – Iranian engineering.


One of the imperial religious communities, situated close to the royal residence it is known for its two storied statue of Chamb Buddha in a sitting stance.

Games Activities in Leh Ladakh: Mountaineering, treeking white waterway boating, Heli Skiing all have boundless extension. For mountaineering, the Zanskar go and the Ladakh extend offer a portion of the finest difficulties anyplace.

Things to do in Ladakh

The Markha Valley trek

Spituk to Zinghchen, 12 km; Zingchen to Yurutse, 13 km; Yurutes to Sku (by means of kandal 4.800 meters), 14 km; sku to Markha, 12 km; Markha to Hankar, 11 km; to Minaling, 10 km; Nimaling to Shang Sumdo (through Kongmarula 5,030 meters) 14 km; Shang Sumdo to Martselang, 10 km; Martselang to Hemis, 6 km.

The Padam-Manali Trek

Padam to Raru 22 km; Raru to Chu 23 km; Chu to Tasta 25 km; Tasta to Kargiah, 26 km; Kargiah to Lakhang Pulu, 24 km; Lakhang Pulu to Zanskar Sumdo (by means of Shingkula 5,100 meters), 25 km; Zanskar Sumdo to Darch Sumdo, 25 km.

The Padam-KIshtwar Trek

Padam to Tungri, 12 km; Tungri to Ating 12 km; Ating to Huttra, 24 km; Huttra to Buswas, 17 km, Buswas to Machail, 27 km, Galar to Kishtwar, 32 km.

The Lamayuru-Spadum Trek

Lamayrur to Fanjila, 24 km; Fanjila to Hanupat, 23km; Base of Singila to Skumpata (by means of Singila 5,000 meters), 19 km; Skumpata to Lingshet, 9 km; linghet to Omangschu (through Hanumalal 4,700 meters), 28 km; Omangschu to Piod (Parpela 4,700 meters), 18 km; Pidmo to Rinam, 17 km; Rinam to Spadum, 16 km.

The Likir-Nurla Trek

Principle Road to Likir Gompa, 5 km; Likir Gompat to Yanghthang, 9 km; Yangthan to Hemis Sukpachen, 10 km; Hemis Sukpachen to Temisgam, 11 km; Temisgam to Nurla, 8 km.

SPITUK MONASTERY: (9km) Five hundred years of age, this religious community has some prized thangkas and colossal statues of goddess Kali, whose countenances are divulged once consistently. The chamber likewise contains an old gathering of imprints. Tremendous statues of Goddess Kali are shown once in the year now and again of the yearly celebration which falls in January.

STAKHANA MONASTERY: The cloister comprise of old thangkas from tenth century.

From the main a mind blowing perspective of the Indus, Thinksey Monastery and encompassing can be seen.

Religious community: (15 km) This is the late spring royal residence of the recent leader of Leh, encompassed by pleasant patio nurseries, Built in 1620 AD., the place has the biggest triumph stupa, finished with unadulterated gold.

There is a staggering twofold storied statue of Buddha Sayamunni in a sitting stance. Created of copper and metal, overlaid with gold and silver and studded with valuable pearls, it leaves the passerby paralyzed with bewilderment.

THIKSEY MONASTERY: (19 km) Enroute to Hemis is this fifteenth century cloister. It has twelve stories and comprise of eight sanctuaries and around 250 living arrangement Lamps. The chambers are loaded with, Statues, thangkas, antiquated swords and Tantric divider artistic creations.

SHEY PALACE AND HEMIS HIGH ALTITUDE NATIONAL PARK: (35 km) This 600 region is home to probably the most fascinating and uncommon verdure and faunal species, a considerable lot of which are on the imperiled list.

HEMIS GOMPA: (43 km) Situated in a side gorge off the primary Indus Valley the religious community contains gold statues and stupas adorned with valuable stones. It has great accumulation of thangkas, including the biggest which is displayed once in twelve years. Each June a brilliant celebration, denoting the birthday of Guru Padmasambhava is held here. Covered artists with moderate advances and boisterous music are bolstered to battle away the evil spirits.

LIRIK GOMPA: (61 km) Lirik Gompa contains various tremendous dirt statur of the Buddha in various structures. Established amid the twelfth century, LIrika was the primary imperial cloister to be set up in Ladakh under direct Tibetan impact.

ALCHIGOMPA: (66 km) This cloister comprise of six sanctuaries which contains a chorten, situated Buddha and choice compositions. More than 10 centuries old, abundantly painted dividers delineate the occasions of Buddha’s life, Jamas and performer.

CHOGLAMSAR: A Place loaded with blooms and plants which develop incredibly at such high heights, Polo and golf grounds offer undertakings an uncommon chance of such wearing activitys. From Chogalmsar to the mid year castle, it is a thrilling trip through wonderful trees.

LAMAYURE: (125 km) On Leh-Srinagar Road, this is the more seasoned known cloister of the district going back to the tenth century. It has interesting holes cut out of the mountain. A few rooms are lavishly outfitted with floor coverings, Tibetan tables, Prized thangkas and margarine – lights can be seen.

SAMKAR GOMPA: The main religious community based on valley level, it is the seat of the yellow organization of the Buddhists. It has an imposing gathering of smaller than expected statues of unadulterated gold and number of divider depictions. This is the cutting edge religious community whit power, yet it is an antiquated building which has an enormous statue of eleven heads and 100 hands, a type of Avalokiteshwara Another statue of Chanzeri with 1,000 eyes, 1.000 arms and 1,000 legs is a gergius portrayal of a Buddhist god.